Pat Capocci - Australia

One of our first customers at Hometown Jersey was Australian Guitarist and Barber, Pat Capocci. Based in Sydney, Pat has been a long time customer, supporter and friend of TK and I. We were so happy for him when he recently became a barber at a new shop in Noosaville, near Sydney, called Captain Sip Sops. I just sent Pat a box of new jerseys to wear at work. This time, he chose them all with lettering sewn on so they'll stand up to the a lot of wear on the job. Whether playing in a hot club or the hottest barber shop on the coast, Pat looks great in his customized Hometown Jerseys. Check out his new CD, Pantherburn Stomp, on his site and follow him on Instagram here.

 Here's a great clip of a promotion run by Ford Australia that features Captain Sip Sops and includes Pat giving a close shave.


Jill Smith
Jill Smith


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