Stitched On Lettering

Many people ask what the advantage is of having us stitch our felt lettering and designs onto our jerseys vs "pressing" them. It's really just a matter of preference and budget. The process of the application starts the same either way.

 We lay the lettering for each jersey out by hand, the jersey is pressed  and then, if you've chosen stitched lettering, thats the final step. Our sewing is also done by hand, one at a time on a sewing machine. Many companies today use computers and embroidery machines to get a sewn on appearance quickly. Or, they use lettering with a stitched edge that is not actually sewn onto the garment, its still pressed. We wanted to create a jersey where the lettering is sewn exactly like they were many years ago to get an authentic look.

Our "pressed" jerseys will last for years but you do need to care for them properly, where a stitched jersey is pretty much indestructible no matter how you care for it. We highly recommend stitching because it really takes our already high quality jersey to a whole other level of quality as well as appearance.

 I know its still 95 degrees where I live but it is Sept. already! If you are considering a custom Hometown Jersey for a friend or family member this holiday season and you want it stitched, please order early. The other option is that you can always give the gift of choice with a Hometown Jersey Gift Card, available anytime on our site. We've made them available in the same prices as the jerseys. A great option throughout the year when you're late on a gift! You print the gift card out immediately and can wrap it up or email it.

Once you've worn one of our jerseys with stitched on lettering, we know you'll be glad you made the upgrade!



Jill Smith
Jill Smith


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