Introducing Hometown Jersey T's

I've wanted to offer t-shirts for a long time but could not find a Made in the USA T that I was happy with. For my husband TK's business we have used various brands of Made in America shirts for silkscreening, but they were just OK. Just OK was not good enough so I've spent the last year researching and finally coming up with our own design. After a lot of testing and adjusting to get it right, we're really happy to introduce a T that we can proudly offer to follow in the foot steps of our high quality jerseys. Just as important to us, they're made right here in California.

Or fabric is pre-washed so there is little to no shrink. The color T's are custom dyed to our specifications, the design was inspired from a vintage T from the late 50's, early 60's and are 100% cotton. We loved the fit so much that we're even offering the T's plain as a two pack in either Classic White or Navy Blue. More colors to come soon.

But the most exciting part is that just like our jerseys, you can order your own custom Hometown Jersey T decorated in either felt or flock lettering and designs. See details here.

Offering stitched on felt lettering or logos on a t-shirt is probably not the the best idea from a money making standpoint butt looks cool as hell so I am doing it anyway! Below is one we made this week and I couldn't stop looking at it before I shipped it off. The medium weight of our t-shirt stands up beautifully with the stitched on felt. We can also create custom designs in flock. Feel free to contact us if you have an idea for a T you'd like us to create.


Jill Smith
Jill Smith


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