The Skull and Crossbones design was inspired by a guitar made by TK Smith. He drew the design and inlayed it into a custom pick guard. I liked it so much that we re-created it in felt. He comes in cream felt only.

Sta-Lube, known since 1933 as a premium oil used in some of the most iconic cars both on and off the track. With it's rich history in the racing world, we felt it was appropriate to honor Sta-Lubes history on our vintage inspired jerseys.The logo is available in both cream and black felt. Sta-Lube® is a registered trademark of CRC Industries, Inc.

45 Record Adapter. The possibilities to customize your own jersey with this are unlimited. Let your imagination go wild!

We had so many requests for a Lighting Bolt to use on club jerseys, racing jerseys and rock n roll jerseys that we had to make it a standard design. It also comes in cream or black felt.

As we add new designs or standard logos, we'll add them here.

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